from 02/11 to 04/11

Belgian Junior Open 2018

The Belgian Junior Open 2018 will be held in Brussels from the 2nd Novembre – 4th Novembre 2018.
We look forward to welcoming you and your players to Brussels.

Best regards,
Ligue Francophone de Squash

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  • The tournament will start on the 2nd of Novembre;
  • The Belgian Junior Open is part of the World Junior Circuit, WSA Rising star and PSA Closed Satellite ;
  • All categories have a maximum draw of 64 players.
  • Individual entries are not allowed ; Entries can only be made by the Member National Association. Entries from countries not associated with the ESF will have to provide a contact person from their Official Federation. That person will have to take responsibility for all entries from that country ;
  • All players must have registered and paid for SPIN to participate ( ;
  • Entries can only be made via the website ( ;
  • For those who opt to take package 3 and 4, there is a possibility to use squash courts at the Castle club for evening training
  • All players will have to wear approved protective eye guards ;
  • Closing date is Octobre 8th 2018.


For any question please contact :

Ligue Francophone de Squash
Michaël Petre
Chaussée de Wavre, 2057
1160 Bruxelles

Mobile : +32 473 / 42.08.39
Website (Tournament) :